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A recent industry report found that wellness tourism—vacations, resorts, and hotels that offer fitness and spa services—is growing over 50% faster than overall tourism. Business at fitness- and healthy-eating focused EVEN Hotels northeast locations is booming so much so that this year luxury health club brand Equinox announced plans to start its own hotel chain. (Men´s Health)

TOP US & CANADA Hot Spots for 2017

Biggest Loser Resort
Palm Desert, CA; Amelia Island, FL and Niagara, New York

With the help of certified personal trainers, behavioral counselors, nutritionists, chefs and life coaches, The Biggest Loser Resort offers programs that strive to empower guests to achieve their weight loss goals through a strategic combination of fitness, nutrition, education and relaxation.  Programs are designed for every level of fitness. More on the Biggest Loser Resort

The Ranch Malibu 4.0
Westlake California

In a partnership with Four Seasons Westlake, CA and the adjacent California Institute for Health & Longevity, the Ranch Malibu 4.0 is a long-weekend program with the focus on weight loss and fitness.  The all-inclusive, four-day retreat includes medical testing, a diet of organic vegetarian meals, a cooking demo and eight hours each day of exercise including intense daily hikes in the nearby Santa Monica Mountain.  We experienced this retreat first hand and loved it! More on Ranch 4.0 

Canyon Ranch
Tucson, Arizona

Offered most weeks throughout the year, one and two-week structured weight loss programs in an immersive environment include the collective advice and guidance of a team of Canyon Ranch healing professionals. Private consultations, a detailed schedule of classes and group activities allow participants to expand their understanding of healthy living and how to establish the habits required to reach set goals. More on Canyon Ranch  

Whistler Fitness Vacations
British Columbia

Operating from May to November, these women-only weight loss retreats offer one to eight week stays of live-in boot camp. The program includes alpine hiking in the world-class luxury resort of Whistler, indoor workouts in a five star hotel Health Club, and working under the strict guidance of acclaimed body transformation specialist and three time Canadian Trainer of the Year, Cat Smiley, who is also the owner and founder. The meal plan is based on her top selling plant-based nutrition book, The Planet Friendly Diet. The program includes education, cooking, motivation, private consultations and upscale apartment-style living, complete with housekeeping and concierge. More on Whistler Fitness Vacations 

Cooper Aerobics Health
Dallas, Texas

Cooper Aerobics’ six-week Female Focus Weight Loss program begins with a personalized health assessment and nutrition consultation followed by group fitness training and nutrition education. Also included are personalized physical activity programs, individual nutrition consultation and group training sessions and lectures.  A new program begins every two weeks and accommodations are available on the campus. More on Cooper Aerobics Health & Wellness

Cooperhood Retreat
Shandaken, New York

Copperhood Retreat and Spa approach their weight loss programs with one of three diet plans: Juice fasting, low calorie/low carb/portion control program or the raw/living food diet. Programs are custom-tailored following an evaluation of a client’s health, the time frame he or she can dedicate to achieve visible results, and the strength of a client’s resolve to lose  weight.  More on Copperhood Retreat & Spa

Deerfield Spa
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 

Surrounded by the Pocono Mountains, Deerfield Spa help guests determine their weight loss and fitness goals and set a plan to achieve desired results. Nutritional counseling, calorie counted menus, personalized meal plans and cooking demonstrations are included in the offerings as is an assortment of optional fitness activities – from brisk morning walks to afternoon weight training to a strengthening session with a personal trainer and evening yoga. 


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