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RunSocial’s mission is to help make fitness more fun. There has been some great innovation in digital fitness in recent years but primarily focused on data and tracking.

RunSocial believes technology should also change the fitness experience while doing it. This is the focus – to make the fitness experience itself more fun and motivating. To succeed here will profoundly impact people’s lives.

The technology underlying what RunSocial do is “mixed reality” – RunSocial uses computer vision and a propriatary system to enable the convergence of video, 3D environments, live interaction and efficient online delivery to target milions of users worldwide.

RunSocial´s team is made up of hardcore techies, content production people and business evangelists that can’t stop talking about partnerships and a digital fitness revolution!

Some insight;
Invite Friends to Run
You can easily set up new events for you and your friends.

Tap the event icon on the home screen. Create a title and select a route.Schedule a time and date for the event. You can create a public event for anyone to join, or a private session for you and your friends.

Invite your friends using Message, Mail or social media.
RunSocial can track and adjust your input speed in a variety of

1. TreadTracker
TreadTracker is the most accurate treadmill tracking accessory you can buy.
It streams accurate, real-time speed data to your Apple device and works with any treadmill.

Turn on TreadTracker
Place under Treadmill
Choose TreadTracker in RunSocial
Connect to signal (which you can customize) Bluetooth light:
» If it’s glows constant, GREAT! – it’s connected.
» If it’s flashing – it’s trying to connect.
You can use your iPad screen
If your fitness machine console cannot support your iPad or your iPad tends to bounce around as you exercise, our unique PadGrip iPad holder can help.
Exclusively on RunSocialRunSocial
You will be able to join some of the most iconic, hard-to-get-into running events in the world, live, officially.

Individually or as a team, on treadmills located around the world. And it’s just the start.
We hope at some stage to also include outdoor runners.


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