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18 hours ago

We have a shared responsibility to keep our national parks clean. That's why our new Bottle Source collection diverts 160,000 pounds of...


Mentors: Hilaree Nelson

2 weeks ago

We’re proud to announce Hilaree Nelson as the new Captain of our Global Athlete Team. As the second to hold that title, Hilaree will...


Pinnacle Project

2 months ago

Located in the Italian Alps and reachable only on foot, fearless explorers have the chance to see and feel The North Face Athlete Archive...


Mentors: Ruth Beatty

2 months ago

Vulnerability is an essential ingredient to progress. As a designer, Ruth Beatty understands that creative risk allows for the...


Mentors: Hillary Allen

2 months ago

Too often the definition of strength is perceived as one dimensional and, as an ultra runner, Hillary Allen is far too familiar with...


Taking Flight on Kilimanjaro

4 months ago

Become the fastest female to run up and down Mount Kilimanjaro? Done. Discover what it took for ultrarunner Fernanda Maciel to make...


Running On Empty

5 months ago

The average person walks Corsica’s merciless GR20 trail in two weeks. Ultrarunner Rory Bosio is not average. With guest appearances of...


Fernanda Moves Mountains

5 months ago

She isn’t a runner who fights, she’s a fighter who runs. Christopher McDougall tells the story of role model, Fernanda Maciel, the ac...


Tiera Moves Mountains

5 months ago

Her future is limitless. Amber Meighan tells the story of role model, Tiera Fletcher, the rising star bringing Mars a little closer. #She...


Mike Foote 61k

5 months ago

In a test of human endurance, Mike Foote set out to achieve the world record for the most vertical feet climbed and skied in a single...


Hilaree Moves Mountains

5 months ago

She continues to set the curve. Jimmy Chin tells the story of role model, Hilaree Nelson, the mentor that’s redefining what’s possibl...


Ashima Moves Mountains

5 months ago

She’s pioneering the sport for the next generation. Ansel Elgort tells the story of role model, Ashima Shiraishi, a prodigy creating th...


Margo Moves Mountains

6 months ago

She knew she had a role to play in history. Lynn Hill tells the story of role model, Margo Hayes, a visionary with a master plan. #SheMo...


Move Mountains

6 months ago

For more than 50 years, we have empowered people to push boundaries outdoors. Today, we are enabling the future of all exploration by cel...


Imagination, Behind the Scenes

6 months ago

'Imagination' was a project that couldn't have been achieved if not for the efforts of a group of people. A special thanks to Jp...


Land Of Maybe

6 months ago

On an island Faroe, Faroe, Faroe way James Pearson, Cedar Wright, and Yuji Hirayama travel to climb the world’s tallest sea cliff, Cape...


Middle Of Somewhere

8 months ago

Austin Smith, Blake Paul, and Jake Blauvelt travel to a well known and rarely visited backcountry freestyle snowboard playground in BC...


Hansjörg Auer: No Turning Back

9 months ago

There is only one person you will have to bear for the rest of your life: yourself. That's why being alone is so difficult. Even in the...



10 months ago

Late season 2017. Samuel Anthamatten, Markus Eder, & Leo Slemett head to Svaneti Georgia to hopefully climb Ushba and make a first...


Legacy Starts Here

11 months ago

Legacy starts with commitment – putting in the hours and working through the details. It’s not handed out but earned in laps taken long...


Imagination: Tom Wallisch

11 months ago

We’ve all been that kid sitting in the back seat of our family car, wishing we were somewhere else. Through the boredom, the driveway...


Imagination Trailer

11 months ago

It starts with a daydream. Stay tuned for ‘Imagination,’ a piece dropping Sunday, October 29th featuring Tom Wallisch and Sherpas Cinema....


The North Face: Nuptse

11 months ago

To mark 25 years since its introduction, we have released a collection of exact replicas of the 1992 Nuptse using original block...


The North Face: Nuptse

11 months ago

To mark 25 years since its introduction, we have released a collection of exact replicas of the 1992 Nuptse using original block...


Life Coach

12 months ago

When conditions became unfavorable for a first ascent of Alaska’s Ruth Gorge, Alex Honnold turns the camera on Renan Ozturk for a...


Hansjörg’s Day Off

1 year ago

Equipped with nothing more than a small paraglider, climbing shoes and a chalk bag, on August 8th 2016 Hansjörg Auer attempted the...


We Are Lavaredo

1 year ago

A story of achieving dreams together. A look into the 11th edition of The North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail 2017....


The Line

1 year ago

When injury cut Tatum Monod’s season short her dad told her to rub some dirt on it and come fly fishing. Happy Father’s Day. And don’t...


Adventure Not War

1 year ago

Adventure Not War is the story of three U.S. veterans traveling back into the mountains of Iraq on a mission to heal wounds and...


Dear Betty Bee

1 year ago

The North Face athlete Ingrid Backstrom’s letter to her 1 yr old daughter, Betty Bee, is a look into a badass mountain mama’s adventure...