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Meditation With Teresa Giudice

6 months ago

If that whole table-flipping incident is what first comes to mind when you think of The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice...


Behind the Scenes With Kaley Cuoco

6 months ago

For more from Kaley on how she treats fitness as therapy, how she made it through a painful divorce, and what’s next after The Big Bang...


12 Kettlebell Exercises

6 months ago

There's more than one way to perfect your overhead press, solidify your squat or nail your single-arm row. Put the dumbbells aside—and ...


Kayla Itsines | Bodyweight Leg Workout

7 months ago

Kayla's favorite leg moves require zero equipment—which means you can do 'em whether you're at the gym or sitting in front of the TV. ...


12 Barre-Inspired Exercises

11 months ago

These 12 dance-inspired exercises will tone your backside for prime booty potential. It's all about the tiny movements with these toners ...


Olivia Munn June 2016 Cover Shoot

12 months ago

Learn about Olivia Munn’s thoughts on financial stability, mental health, and speaking up for herself in the June issue of Women's...


13 Swiss Ball Variations

1 year ago

Watch ACE-certified personal trainer Alex Silver-Fagan use her Swiss ball like a boss as she demos glute bridges, decline pushups, and ev...


Nike Run Club Warm-Up

1 year ago

Nike+ Running coaches, Jes Woods and Joe Holder, shows us the best warm-up before a run or any workout. Warming-up before a workout...


14 Mind-Blowing Facts About Orgasms

1 year ago

Subscribe You already know that big O feels fan-freaking-tastic (duh), but did you know that exercise and even childbirth can spark...


3 Moves To Combat Running Pains

1 year ago

Nike+ Coach and health consultant, Joe Holder (@OchoSystem), shows us a few moves to take care of the aches and pains runners often...


Snack Sesh | Healthy Pineapple Sundae

1 year ago

Okay, no buttercream frosting here, but the pineapple cake was just as much fun to eat without putting us in a sugar coma. Try it out,...


Gina Rodriguez May 2016 Cover Shoot

1 year ago

The star of Jane the Virgin pulls no punches on the May cover of Women's Health. Gina Rodriguez isn’t your typical actress or cover st...


4 Ways To Rock A Bun

1 year ago

Bumble and Bumble stylist Tashina Tantalos, shows you exactly how to master four different 'dos, including the top knot and ballerina bun...


12 Burpee Variations

1 year ago

This intense exercise engages your entire body—seriously, every muscle is working when you do this move, making it a fast, efficient, a...


Snack Sesh | Healthy Banana Split

1 year ago

The kid in us—and let's be real, the adult, too—loves a banana split. It's the ultimate dessert. We just gave it a more health-consci...


Ask a Hot Doctor: Anxiety Attacks

1 year ago

This week's question comes from Jessica on Facebook: "I think I get anxiety attacks once a year. I feel aching pain in my chest and throa...


Fun Facts on Adult Acne

1 year ago

Still breaking out even though your teen years have long since passed? You're not alone. Plenty of women continue to get pimples in their...


11 Core Variations

1 year ago

Abs on abs on abs... Errbody wants those abs, but (as you may know) it takes more than just bunches of crunches to develop a strong core...


Historical Timeline of Diet Trends

1 year ago

Since way back in the day, people have been jumping on some pretty odd weight-loss trends in the name of shaping up. Just how weird are w...


20 Squat Variations

1 year ago

Check out these 20 (seriously, 20!) new ways to drop it low and sculpt a bum that just won't quit. For more variations visit:


How To Apply and Remove Fake Lashes

1 year ago

Get tips from Jessica Chia, Women's Health senior associate beauty editor, and Lauren Cosenza, fashion and beauty expert and creator of...


At the Gym with Snooki

2 years ago

Women’s Health went to Florham Park Fitness in suburban New Jersey to follow Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi through a total body workout t...


Daily Sweat: Deadlift

2 years ago

This week, we're sharing a series of five moves that can be combined into a workout that'll help give you plenty to flaunt. Today's move?...


Daily Sweat: Single-Leg Bridge

2 years ago

This week, we're sharing a series of five moves that can be combined into a workout that'll help give you plenty to flaunt. Today's move?...


Daily Sweat: Goblet Squat

2 years ago

This week, we're sharing a series of five moves that can be combined into a workout that'll help give you plenty to flaunt. Today's move?...