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Meditation With Teresa Giudice

2 years ago

If that whole table-flipping incident is what first comes to mind when you think of The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice...


Behind the Scenes With Kaley Cuoco

2 years ago

For more from Kaley on how she treats fitness as therapy, how she made it through a painful divorce, and what’s next after The Big Bang...


12 Kettlebell Exercises

2 years ago

There's more than one way to perfect your overhead press, solidify your squat or nail your single-arm row. Put the dumbbells aside—and ...


12 Barre-Inspired Exercises

2 years ago

These 12 dance-inspired exercises will tone your backside for prime booty potential. It's all about the tiny movements with these toners ...


Olivia Munn June 2016 Cover Shoot

3 years ago

Learn about Olivia Munn’s thoughts on financial stability, mental health, and speaking up for herself in the June issue of Women's...


13 Swiss Ball Variations

3 years ago

Watch ACE-certified personal trainer Alex Silver-Fagan use her Swiss ball like a boss as she demos glute bridges, decline pushups, and ev...


Nike Run Club Warm-Up

3 years ago

Nike+ Running coaches, Jes Woods and Joe Holder, shows us the best warm-up before a run or any workout. Warming-up before a workout...